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Sort my Shift - Peri/ Menopause Weekend  9 to 11th June 2023 

Menopause Retreat

A whole weekend to learn, practice, share and get your shi*t together. Lucy takes a no-nonsense practical approach - we’ll be talking symptoms, supplements, lifestyle/ nutrition, we’ll be practicing yoga specifically for the menopause and learning skills to take home to support you in this transitional time.


I hope you can join us, take that meno-pause you so deserve and get involved in your journey.


In reading this I am guessing you too are in the peri/ menopause zone - those messy years where you don’t quite feel yourself, there’s possibly a myriad of symptoms coming at you from left, right and centre and you feel you need to find your true north again!  Sometimes we don’t even know how far off course we have gone - until we stop and take a breath!


But I hear you!!  I see you - struggling your way through the shift, sometimes squirming, at times finding it unnerving, upsetting, uncomfortable and often downright bloody annoying this weekend is just for you on that crazy peri/ menopause journey.


It's a chance to get away from the old routine - the demands of your everyday life and be seen, be heard, a chance to take a pause - a meno-pause and start to fix things - start to find the new/ changing you.... 


And boy are things changing  - that decade in your 40s-50s - you are seriously changing - no point denying it - but it’s not all doom and gloom, oh no!  You have a wonderful window of opportunity to shine a light on you - to take your place in the spotlight and befriend that new person, saying hello to getting back on top.


This weekend will give you a chance to take a breath - to check-in and look at what’s happening, look at your lifestyle, look at who/where you want to be, lose what doesn’t serve you anymore and to shake things up.  


Your time is now!


What will I learn/ be doing over the weekend?


  • Over the course of the weekend we are going to be coming together to discuss symptoms, to talk and share strategies and tips / actions to consider to help support the changing you.


  • We’ll be discussing supplements, diet and lifestyle and exercise/ movement.


  • We’ll be looking at any niggling health issues and learning what we can do to support ourselves.


  • We’ll be thinking about what we can do to prevent issues that become more common in midlife - what to be aware of and what we can do to mitigate potential risk factors.


  • We’ll be talking HRT and signposting to external support  


  • We’ll be practising yoga specifically for menopause to help mitigate symptoms, to calm the body and mind and to support the changing body


All of this is a starting point - a stake in the ground to give yourself the best chance to actually navigate, not lose yourself, in this decade and beyond - equipped with skills and strategies at your fingertips to be your best whole-self! 


You can then feel confident and empowered for your future. Declaring I’m back and mean it!


It’s not all work - of course not - it’s a meno-pause so there’s plenty of time to relax and restore, to swim and find some quite moments by the salt-water swimming pool, to wander the gardens...


Plenty of time to find your feet - to talk and connect, to think, to laugh or cry.  To warm in the sun, or cool in a secluded shady spot. 


Plenty of time for a massage with my favourite masseuse (details for Cher are on the website) - I’ll be booking in myself time permitting!


Plenty of time to explore the local villages if you want to make the most of your trip to this area - it’s your weekend!


And all activities are optional - this weekend is about taking what you need and letting go of anything else.


Leaving with friendships and a toolkit to boot!


Where are we staying?

The French Retreat

The house and retreat centre is a rambling former Cognac estate, set in rolling countryside, in the beautiful Charente area of SW France. There are sunflower fields and vineyards - we’ll be sampling some of the local wine over the weekend. There are lots of private/ hang-out chill-out corners to rest and relax - and the venue is well versed in hosting group activity weekends so we'll be well looked after. 

It’s calming, it’s peaceful, it’s just a perfect safe space to host our weekend together.

What about accommodation?


There are 6 beautifully styled bedrooms in La Grange, the stunning converted barn which also houses the group / yoga room.


The bedrooms can accommodate up to 12 people sharing across two floors.


All of these 6 rooms are twin/ ensuite - each very different in style. We’ll fill these rooms first.


Downstairs there currently is one double room, one twin room and one 'family room', i.e a double & single bed, and all have French doors onto a patio. 


However all accommodation is flexible and we will move beds in and out to give you the preferred arrangement. 


When these rooms are filled here are also several bedrooms in the main house. There is one double with an en-suite and four twin rooms sharing 2 bathrooms plus separate toilet.


However, I will keep the group to a comfortable intimate size of 14 participants maximum.


So don’t hesitate - grab your place at the SORT MY SHIFT - PERI/MENOPAUSE WEEKEND.


Run away with us to this stunning idyll and return renewed.
All you need to do is get yourself to this little paradise and we’ll do the rest! 

What’s the topline programme looking like? 


Friday 9th June

Arrivals from 3.00pm 

Hellos, welcome drinks and dinner 

Intro to the weekend - sharing circle


Saturday 10th June 


Menopause Yoga workshop 1

What’s happening in my body - and why?

Women’s circle re key symptoms

Nutrition/ food to support my shift

Meno-yoga and breathwork for hot flushes

Meditation in restoration


Free time for exploring and optional massage/ spa 

Menopause Yoga movement workshop for selected symptoms - insomnia, fatigue and bran fog (bio)

Apero and dinner 


Sunday 11th June 


Menopause Yoga workshop 2

What’s happening in my mind - why, what can I do/ mindset?

Women’s circle re key symptoms - menorage/ anger

Supplements to support my shift

Restorative yoga session for meno-pause - managing stress/ anxiety and overwhelm

Breathwork for selected symptoms

Meditation in restoration


Free time for exploring and optional massage/ spa and opportunity to chat 121

Afternoon tea and closing circle

What’s the yoga and who is Lucy?


Lucy is a fully qualified Hatha Yoga and specific Menopause Yoga teacher, having trained under Petra Coveney, developing her skills in supporting and empowering women’s health during midlife. She trained initially (200hrs RYT) in Hatha yoga and have since added on Yin teacher training under the well respected Sarah Lo, and Breathwork coaching with Lucas Rockwood. She is also a qualified nutritional therapist and masseuse/ body worker. She lives in France teaching yoga, running workshops and retreats – nurturing mind and body.

Tell me more re yoga for menopause – what it’s all about and how can it help?


Symptoms related to reduced hormones often start when a woman is in her 40s – affecting our bodies in many ways with a whole array of symptoms, including hot flushes, weight-gain and changes in shape, night sweats, headaches, disrupted sleeping patterns, stress, anxiety, sore stiff joints, overwhelm and brain fog – it’s a long list that can go on and on for many women.


Yoga for menopause is a style of yoga to help women manage the main menopausal symptoms, and it is a positive approach that views the menopause as an opportunity for self-insight and personal connection and growth.


It is also a community and a joining together of women – at a time of change – where new seeds and roots can be planted and friendships made.


Yoga for menopause also brings together western medical and yogic science along with eastern wellbeing – in a holistic way to help guide women through the stages of menopause, which can last many years. 


These sessions have been designed for all women with modifications to help beginners - to more advanced students.  They are also designed to act as safe, supportive spaces for the participants to learn and develop yoga skills to really help them through their menopause symptoms and transition.  In focusing on empowerment, yoga for menopause can help participants to work out what they need to help themselves, in a private forum of other women all in similar situations of transition.


There is so much content we could cover but the 3 main movement sessions at the retreat will comprise the following, as a good insight into managing key symptoms:-


  1. Quick intro and menopause overview - Yoga for hot flushes 

  2. Insomnia, fatigue and bran fog

  3. Yoga for anxiety, stress / overwhelm 


All props and equipment is provided.


What does this weekend include? 


  • This retreat is fully inclusive of all yoga sessions/ workshops

  • Your en-suite accommodation x 2 nights (Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon)

  • All delicious meals and afternoon tea
    / tea station

  • Welcome drinks and some wine as we regroup for evening aperos and into our evening meals*

  • *There is a bar for any additional alcohol for those who fancy an extra glass of wine or two etc. As with most venues a selection of wine from the local vineyard by the bottle/ carafe can be purchased and added to your room bill.

  • We’ll have a fabulous masseuse/ therapist on site (more details to come on this as we'll need to schedule in advance) and any of these services are payable directly to the therapist/ venue. Please let me know in advance if you’d like this service. 


What does this weekend exclude? 

  • Your airfare/ travel and any required transfers on arrival/ departure day
    - but we can of course advise on this and assist

  • Flights are very reasonable and frequent to Bordeaux or Bergerac airports and trains can be take to Chalais too.

  • Any massage/ treatment you choose

  • Additional alcohol 



What are you waiting for? 

Investment/ pricing:

Shared twin room:- €435

Own room:- €495 (limited places)


Payment terms 

  • A deposit of €155 is payable now to hold your place

  • Full payment is required by 28.04.22 - approximately 6 weeks before the retreat 

  • See end of document for payment details/ payment plans 


Cancellation policy 
  • We fully expect to be able to push ahead with our weekend of fun but should any restrictions be imposed and for some extraordinary reason we have to cancel/postpone the weekend then we will refund all monies you have paid to us for the weekend, holding your deposit for the next date. We will not pay compensation for any other losses you may incur. If fights are canceled you will either be offered a refund, an amendment or credit note for your fight with your chosen airline.

  • Deposits are due once you confirm you are taking a place - as this is holding your spot.
    Please do ensure you have travel insurance in place if you are coming from outside of France.

  • If you cancel your place on or before 15/02/2022 then all monies will be returned minus an administration charge of €100 from your deposit to cover costs/fees already incurred.

  • If you cancel after this date but on or before 31/03/2023 then all monies will be returned but not your deposit, which becomes 100% non-refundable.

  • If you cancel after 10/04/2023 then, as we are highly unlikely to be able to fill your place at this late stage, you will be charged 50% of the full booking price and any balance will be refunded to you.

  • If however, you cancel and the place can be filled then any monies paid will be returned except for your deposit by way of admin charge. 


Want to chat some more? 

You can contact Lucy on:


Or on Facebook at: Balance Breathe Believe 

Mobile: 07 80 49 82 42 


2015-09-01 15.34.09.jpg 2015-11-17-8:41:57
Iskander writingIMG_0236.jpg
The converted barn with wood burner, cosy chairs and woollen blankets was the ideal space

How do I pay?

Deposits/ payments can be made via:-


1. Wise: Transfer in £ or € to: Lucy Thompson:


IBAN: BE87 9670 2175 0594


GBP/ Pounds: IBAN: GB71 TRWI 2314 7088 8470 43 

ACT. No: 88847043 

SORT: 23-14-70 


2. Bank transfer:
Account: Lucy Thompson (BOURSORAMA) 

IBAN: FR76 4061 8803 5100 0408 5270 481 



3. Paypal – friends and family Paypal –


  1. Cheque (French only) – payable to Lucy Thompson. 

Address: Lucy Thompson/ French Yoga Garden, Moulin de Chantegrolle, Route de Civray, 86250 Charroux. 


5. Cash if local – face to face delivery only 


Payment plans 

Many people like to chip away at the amount payable – paying circa €75 per month for example between January and May – please let me know if this is something you’d like to set up. 

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